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  • The KMH Story

    Driven by the medical needs of patients and embracing advances in science and technology, our mission at KMH is focused on reducing the incidence of death and disability by decreasing wait times and facilitating fast access to quality diagnostic services by physicians and their patients.

    Founded by Neena and Vijay Kanwar, for 25 years, KMH Cardiology & Diagnostic Centres has delivered timely, high quality and patient-friendly diagnostic services to more than one million Ontarians. More recently, KMH has been providing diagnostic services to patients in Maryland, Ohio and Florida.

    In the recent past, KMH has grown tremendously, enabled by our integrated approach to operations, a robust infrastructure, and an early adopter of technology and innovator of technology deployment. Throughout our recent growth and twenty-five year history, our focus has always been on providing timely, exemplary and patient-friendly diagnostic care.

    In Ontario, KMH operates all twelve locations as Independent Health Facilities, licensed by the Ministry of Health and regulated by the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Our regularly accredited diagnostic centres have always met the highest regulatory standards, and continue to meet all Provincial operating requirements. In the U.S., our locations comply with Federal and State regulatory requirements, and are all in good standing.

    KMH is the largest provider of nuclear cardiology services in North America. KMH offers state-of- the-art medical imaging, including MRI, PET, CT, Nuclear Medicine, ECHO/stress, ultrasound, x-ray and mammography, from more than twenty locations throughout North America. In addition, we provide practice management for family physicians, internal medicine, radiologists and cardiologists.

    The KMH head office and flagship facility is located in Mississauga, just to the west of Toronto, Canada. In addition to our largest clinical location, the key infrastructure and staff are located at the head office.

    KMH diagnostic centres are easily accessible and conveniently located close to major thoroughfares and/or public transit, and most offer free parking. More than 300,000 patients are referred by over 15,000 physicians to KMH facilities annually.

    KMH provides fast track urgent care and rapid results reporting. Many of our facilities are open evenings and weekends for patient convenience. Urgent requests are accommodated on the same or next day. We conduct patient and physician satisfaction surveys on a continuous basis throughout all our locations. Patients and physicians surveyed have awarded KMH 98% high satisfaction rating year over year.

    KMH receives upwards of 10,000 calls per week in Canada and the U.S. From the moment a call is received to schedule a patient appointment, our electronic health record follows the patient throughout their interactions with KMH, where patient information is securely collected, stored and transmitted, as needed.

    The privacy and confidentiality of patient information, along with timely and accurate reporting of test results, are our highest priorities. For these reasons, KMH developed its own electronic health record that is only accessible by KMH staff and physicians. The electronic health record provides the backbone of digital information management, and is accessible through a secure web portal for results reporting and image viewing.

    The KMH Leadership Team is led by Neena and Vijay Kanwar who work with a dynamic team of seasoned and skilled individuals responsible for Strategy, Financial Management, Operations, Information Technology, Human Resources Management, Business Development/Marketing.

    Dr. Kathy Yip is the Chief Medical Officer, and has been with KMH since its inception. In addition to overseeing the development of clinical protocols, Dr. Yip works closely with our Medical Directors at our locations in the U.S., provides medical leadership for a large group of sub-specialty physicians at KMH and guidance in working with our referring physicians.

    In addition to diagnostic services, KMH is actively involved in several international research and clinical trials through our International Heart Institute. We offer continuing education though a year round program of Certified Medical Education (CME) credits. Our (by invitation-only) Annual Medical Disease Management Symposium, currently in its seventeenth year, attracts over one hundred physicians, and features CME sessions by leading edge medical leaders.

    In addition, we are actively involved in and with the communities we serve, participating in and sponsoring several community-based events.

    CONTACT: Robert Knox, Chief Experience Officer
    Email: rknox@kmhlabs.com Tel: 1-905-855-7179

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