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  • What We Do

    KMH provides access to rapidly-evolving medical technology, state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment and highly qualified specialists.


    KMH has grown from a single facility in 1988 to become the largest provider of Nuclear Cardiology services in North America. KMH services include Nuclear Medicine, Cardiology, Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) diagnostic services. Physician practice management solutions by KMH further enhance patient care by providing access to specialist consultations and treatment.

    More than 200,000 patients annually visit KMH after being referred by physicians, insurance companies, employers and other third party service providers. KMH has successfully administered more than 600,000 cardiology, nuclear cardiology and nuclear medicine diagnostic tests and more than 40,000 magnetic resonance imaging scans.

    KMH consistently provides a high level of service which has created a strong rapport within the healthcare community. KMH is well recognized by more than 10,000 physicians and has established a preferred provider relationship within the insurance and health services industry.


    • Multiple locations for timely and convenient access to KMH services.
    • Centralized scheduling center with experienced, friendly and professional staff.
    • Relaxed, warm and caring atmosphere to ensure patients are comfortable throughout the process.
    • Physicians assess patients prior to the test and monitor safety throughout each stage of the test.
    • Our highly qualified, licensed specialists report the complete spectrum of investigations and are available to consult with the referring physician and assist in patient management.
    • Reporting is completed on a timely basis and same day for urgent procedures identified by either the referring physician or the on-site KMH physician.

    Diagnostic Services Available

    • For many tests, same day appointments available,including MRI.
    • Urgent appointments can be given priority.
    • Testing available from 8 am – 8 pm, Monday – Friday and on weekends.
    • Comfortable environment with main floor accessibility.
    • Patients/family/facility representatives can book appointments at a convenient time; 8 KMH locations in south-central Ontario.
    • Polite, courteous staff with multiple languages spoken.

    Faculty / Physician Advantages

    • One-page, concise, definitive report mailed promptly to the referring physician.
    • Urgent or abnormal results faxed same day or next day to the referring physician.
    • Experienced and highly qualified cardiologist s and general internist, specializing in complex cases; consults available.
    • Testing available from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday to Friday and on weekends, at 8 KMH locations in Ontario.
    • The lowest radiation levels in the industry, highest image quality and greatest comfort for your patients.
    • More than 200,000 patients annually visit KMH centres and more than 10,000 physicians entrust KMH with their referrals.
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