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    Job Description:

    We invite you to come and join our great team of professionals. Our philosophy and tradition emphasizes efficient, high quality and caring diagnostic health services.

    Ensure maximum client satisfaction through a high quality service approach. Greets patients arriving for appointments, obtains information, answers questions and provides assistance or directions as appropriate.

    Principle Duties & Responsibilities:
    Working as part of a call centre team, answer the telephone which will involve the following:
    *Schedule tests (computerized) for all Tampa locations, which includes obtaining required patient information accurately.
    *Look up reports of tests done in the facility and provide verbal reports to the doctor or office that is calling, or get one of the reporting physicians to give the results.
    *Provide the appropriate information for the physicians or their secretaries when they call (i.e. the progress of the client’s procedure, results of the test, etc.).
    *Help the client with any questions he or she may have about the forthcoming test (i.e. how long the examination will take, the basic procedure for that particular test, directions to the lab, etc. while having regard to his/her limited knowledge).
    *Handle difficult situations in a calm, professional manner. Identify and escalate priority issues.
    *Assist with confirmation, fill-in and requisition management calls as assigned.
    *Use an effective approach to handle special telephone tasks like call greetings, call transfers, taking messages, call backs, holds, interruptions and unintentional disconnects.
    *Respond to client needs professionally and empathetically via phone or other method.
    *Follow documented protocols and policies but also have good decision-making skills.
    *Ensure proper, accurate records, files, databases are set up and maintained.
    *Demonstrate sound knowledge of proper telephone etiquette together with pleasant, respectful and friendly mannerisms.

    Work Hours
    40 hours per week with variable start time. May be required to work overtime evenings, and weekends according to the time schedules that meet the requirements of the facility.
    *When scheduled on a Saturday will be given one day off during the week

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