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PRM Team

Our Physicians Relations Management (PRM) team are our community ambassadors. The PRM’s are responsible for assisting our community Healthcare Professionals with their referrals, educational resources, service needs and urgent requests. They work closely with cross functional teams at KMH to ensure patients are seen in a timely manner, have a positive service experience and their follow up care and reports are streamlined. The PRM’s offer educational support for Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, MRI and PET/CT through appointment bookings, lunch and learns, CME’s and webinars. They work collaboratively with our team of specialists to ensure they are current with medical messaging and that we exceed the expectations of both our patients and our referring community.

The PRM team supports and gives back to the community by forming and nurturing partnerships with local hospitals, community health centres, long term care facilities and various charitable organizations.

Meet our Physician Relations Team
Southwestern Ontario

Angela Neal


Hamilton, Burlington
St. Catharines

Ryan Burrell


Scarborough & Toronto

Reham Jalal 


Mississauga, Oakville, Etobicoke & Brampton

Anu Jain Gupta, MD


Karen Robson – Team Lead


North York & Markham

Tim Galić


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What’s New

Educational Resources

KMH is committed to supporting scientifically proven education aimed at the advancement of disease knowledge and potential treatments in therapeutic areas of cardiology with the goal of advancing patient care.

Healthcare professional resources
Cost-Effective Investigation
Choosing Wisely
How to Choose: Exercise vs. Pharmacological
Canadian Cardiovascular society guidelines
Hypertension Canada guidelines
Canadian Cardiovascular society forms and calculators
2021 Diabetes Canada guidelines
Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs)
Canadian society for vascular surgery- clinical guidelines
CSVS Guidelines for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA)

Welcome to Pocket Health at KMH

Online access to medical imaging records!

Physician Enrollment & Access Click here >

KMH is pleased to offer Physicians PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing, allowing us to share imaging records more rapidly with our physician community.

What is PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing?

PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing (“P2P Sharing”) is a secure web service that allows medical imaging providers (i.e., hospitals, imaging clinics, etc.) to share imaging studies electronically with any recipient (even if they are not a PocketHealth user) instead of burning a CD.

Is this a secure method of imaging record transfer?

All image transfers are securely encrypted in-transit and at-rest. This means that whether you are accessing the records, viewing specific studies in the web viewer or downloading studies for import purposes your connection will be secured with bank-level encryption.

How does it work?
If a patient physically requests an imaging study, any receptionist at any of the labs can access and select the exam using the PocketHealth icon on their desktop and print the instructions for the provider to access the exam. If a provider calls or faxes us a request, the person who receives the request is to fax the instructions to the provider directly. P2P Sharing provides images with faster, more secure access to imaging records at no cost. Instead of waiting for imaging access via CD (which can vary from several days to several weeks), they can receive access within minutes of requesting access. The imaging received is never compressed and is always viewable and downloadable in its original diagnostic format (DICOM) on any computer! You can learn more about this enhanced PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing program by clicking here.

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