Through an integration with PocketHealth, KMH now offers patients and their families access to their medical imaging records online. Once patients enroll for access they can view their entire medical imaging history from KMH, share imaging electronically into their physician’s electronic medical record, or even burn to their own CD/DVD/USB from home.

There is a one-time $5.00 fee at the time of enrollment, and it includes permanent access to all previous imaging records, as well as, new exams patients undergo over the following two weeks. New records will also be made available for access automatically for patients, with an email notification.

Patients can access this online form to enroll or fill out the paper form they are handed at the time of their registration and submit it to any KMH Reception staff.

Once enrolled, the PocketHealth website can be accessed at www.mypockethealth.com. For any PocketHealth questions, please contact PocketHealth Patient Support directly at 1-855-381-8522 or help@mypockethealth.com

KMH is excited to launch PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing, allowing us to share imaging records more rapidly with our physician community.

What is PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing?

PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing (“P2P Sharing”) is a secure web service that allows medical imaging providers (i.e., hospitals, imaging clinics, etc.) to share imaging studies electronically with any recipient (even if they are not a PocketHealth user) instead of burning a CD.

Is this a secure method of imaging record transfer?

All image transfers are securely encrypted in-transit and at-rest. This means that whether you are accessing the records, viewing specific studies in the web viewer or downloading studies for import purposes your connection will be secured with bank-level encryption.

How does it work?

 If a patient physically requests an imaging study, any receptionist at any of the labs can access and select the exam using the PocketHealth icon on their desktop and print the instructions for the provider to access the exam.

  • If a provider calls or faxes us a request, the person who receives the request is to fax the instructions to the provider directly.

P2P Sharing provides images with faster, more secure access to imaging records at no cost. Instead of waiting for imaging access via CD (which can vary from several days to several weeks), they can receive access within minutes of requesting access.  The imaging received is never compressed and is always viewable and downloadable in its original diagnostic format (DICOM) on any computer!

This same digital system is used at many hospitals and clinics across Ontario, including North York General Hospital, St. Michael’s Hospital and London Health Sciences Centre. With this new system, we look forward to providing our valued referral community with more rapid access to their patient’s imaging records.

You can learn more about this enhanced PocketHealth Provider-to-Provider Sharing program by clicking here.